beautiful morning with you

"i want to stab you."


"right here," he taps two fingers into seb’s sternum. jim can feel the warmth radiating off of his body. like the sun. he breathes him in. "i do, i really do." he shrugs with a smile.

"what else…" 

"i’ll twist the knife and gut you open," a pause and jim buries his head into the crook of seb’s neck,  "like a vivisected cat."

loud neon green letters illuminate the room, 2 34 am. their limbs are tangled in a comfortable overlap of bodies, but sebastian tends to twitch every now and again. it’s too warm for him. he doesn’t say anything.

"and then i can feel you from the inside," jim drones, splaying his hand on the flat of Seb’s belly, "i’ll know you better than anyone else."

a soft noise traps in the colonel’s throat as a tight cord strains in his abdomen. his breath comes a little quicker.

"i’ll watch you bleed Moran, watch the color drain out of you," his boss whispers. "While I’ll be inside of you, holding you tight…"

jim begins to suck on the rough expanse of sebastian’s neck, a knee cradling his groin. 

"and I’ll spit on your grave," he smiles, with teeth.

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