bill cipher knows how to have a good time

fuckboy of the week bipper pines

pain is hilarious :)

I KNO ppl are probably sick of looking at this fucking wip but listen

im cryin bc atlas is so stupid hard to draw but i got it, after A WEEK I GOT IT

im a rabbit in your headlights, scared of the spotlight. you dont come to visit, im stuck in this bed

drawing jack is hard for multiple reasons bc like fandom draws him rly  twinky and small but he’s like 6’2” and thick canonically?????? dude swings a wrench and ppl die, idk what tO DO LMAO. he’s also like 24 but his model makes him look so old, g OD PLS I JUST NEED A CONSISTENT MODEL

woof woof

so kat and i are rping this high school mc au but then it accidentally turned into a superhero au too and now, like, teenage boys with super powers in dirty cars

tbh i just need something to post bc we finished chronicle and it’s like, dude have u seen that movie, i need a moment

the day i stop drawing red is the day i die

it’s 3am shhh dont tell anybody

some reverse red and a ken, i have a thing for villains with 3 letter names and puppy dog faces

              bite. the-lightning and. tell me how it tastes

[ opening chords to "do i wanna know" ]

in the land of gods & monsters, I was an angel
lookin to get fucked hard

lighter to my cigarette, cant start the flame w/o u