can    i     H E L P    you ?

"good luck in the maze u bloody shank" "yea yea shuckface"

liza from GOTHAM

redrew my motorcity self for inktober. man it’s been a LONG time, but MC’s style is forever in my heart

newt as a runner! before, you know….the accident. i really hope this next book highlights previous relationships and ofc„,maybe just a nod to the early days…

if I only could, make a deal with god, get him to swap. our. places.

a worried dipper from frenchfrycoolguy's antigravity AU

woof woof

some reverse red and a ken, i have a thing for villains with 3 letter names and puppy dog faces

              bite. the-lightning and. tell me how it tastes

[ opening chords to "do i wanna know" ]

lighter to my cigarette, cant start the flame w/o u

bow down bitches bow-bow down bitches

training for a year to kill mike chilton does the body good

fighting kaiju by moonlight, getting wasted and falling asleep on hermann gottlieb’s tidy ass bed by daylight, always running from a real fight, he is the one named sailor newt