outlines for MLP Jim and Seb.

I really love Jim’s wings/tail. Changelings are the coolest! 

this day is going to be perfect
the kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small
everypony will gather ‘round
say i look lovely in my crown
what they don’t know is that I have fooled them all 

Changeling!Jim and darkPegasus!Seb are going to ruin your life!!! Watch out Sherlock!


Tick-tock, Sherlock. by ~acquireddistaste

what if lesbian mormor

and jim is the one with a busty knockers while seb is more of the athletically tall type with small adorable tits 

jim would totally love lingerie and seb would hate wearing bras but she’d dress up on occasion just for her special girl.

and they’d also totally paint each other’s nails (much to seb’s chagrin) and share cute underwear and shit

jim would play taylor swift all fucking day and seb would flip so many tables screaming, “WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT GET IT OFF I SWEAR TO GOD JIM”

they’d basically be perfect the end

Im tired of looking at this lord have mercy on me




you’re not here to infect my wounds.

that brain trauma jim painting easter eggs post made me sad pfpppt

i made those for him, the eggs….. i dont get sebastian. why is he so sad all the time.

you need to be more sad yahoo i want to make an aquaduct with your tears


-sebastian you gotta say thank you-

if you want me to be sad you’re doing it right haha

can we get it now low, down and gritty, do you think we’ll be in love forever? do you think we’ll be in love?

"It hurts Seb, like I’m gonna burst. Mnhh, Seb! It’s leaking! Help me, please."
"Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, I’ll make it all better."

you can clap robin on the back for smutty brain trauma adventures

And then Seb teased Jim’s ultrasensitive cock until the poor boy is drugged with sex 

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sebastian lives in that part of town where a room is never really dark. there are always lights, noises, screams, crashes….

somehow, that’s all a lullaby to jim. puts him right to sleep