For Andy, who I hope has a quick recovery— the internet isn’t as fun without you and your gorgeous drawings! 

(Also on the 18+ site!)


Check out our brand new icon! :) Featuring ~leaux from deviantArt as John Egbert! 


My John cosplay :) The most comfortable cosplay I’ve ever worn


Late night John/Karkat doodle. Oops, made Karkat a little too cutesy…

One of the really nice things about Homestuck fandom is that no one seems to be very picky about who tops and who bottoms in pairings. Phew! Anyway, I like seeing Karkat be all reluctantly snuggly with John.



This isn’t going so well, bleh bleh.

I feel bad when I don’t update for a while! So you get something in-progress, and a little bit of my process. I don’t know if I want to submit it to the bonus round for HSO anymore, the colors ran away from me.

I should’ve drawn Tavros with some real GLAM!! 80’s hair. Hmph.

abububu <3